What happened to my great plan to lose weight and get healthy? Now I see why there are so many Day Ones! If I look at the negatives, I can say that I haven’t lost a single pound of weight since my last post. I’m not sure I’ve gained any energy either. Looking at the positives, I have aquired an elliptical machine. I have continued to try to eat healthy. I continue to try to exercise. (“try”?)

But reality hit last night while watching TV. I finally got around to watching my recording of the first episode of Tony Robbins’ Breakthrough. The lightbulbs started going off in my head. My attitude has really gotten in the way the last few weeks. There I go kidding myself again… my attitude has really gotten in the way the last year! Tony Robbins’ whole show revolved around changing a couple’s thinking, changing their attitude. They were doing things they had been thinking they could not do. By forcing them to do things they thought were impossible, they learned some lessons.

  1. The impossible is often possible.
  2. Being unhappy is a result of being stuck in your thinking.
  3. Changing your thinking will change how you live your life.
  4. Changing how you live your life will bring happiness.

The bottom line is – if things are not the way you want them, stop being stuck in how you think about things. I have been thinking, “I can’t lose weight now that I’m ‘older’. I can’t sleep. I can’t stop eating because I’m so hungry. I can’t run. I can’t exercise because I’m so tired and I don’t have time.” Do you see that word “can’t”? That word means “impossible”. I have really been believing I can’t. I look at healthy women and think, “I want to be that way, but I can’t be that way.” I’ve watched enough Biggest Loser, that I should know better. I should have recognized the negative attitude. But somewhere in there I gave up because it was too hard. “Too hard” translates to “impossible” also.

How ridiculous is that way of thinking? I think I am so special, so different, that other women can be healthy and fit, but I can’t? Sounds like just an excuse to remain stuck. And that’s just what it is.

Enough with being stuck. Time keeps ticking while I keep stuck. Again, how ridiculous is that? I have dreams. I have visions of what I want my life to be like. Now it is time to pursue those dreams and live the life I want. Thanks, Tony!

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