Sad Results

I am not getting anywhere on the weight loss. I was tracking calories and using the elliptical at least twice a week (I know, that’s not enough!) Then I went on vacation. I gained my three pounds back! I was visiting my brother and he is a phenomenal cook. I got home late last night and got 8 hours of sleep for the first time in over a week.

I am starting over today. I was told, by a very smart person, that just because things aren’t going well is no excuse for giving up. That sticks in my mind every time I feel like giving up.

I read a little about Jack LaLanne. Wow, is he ever inspiring! It’s good to know that you are never too old, it’s never too late to get physical. I’m more and more convinced my problem with weight, as is most people’s, is the lack of physical movement. My lifestyle involves a lot of inactivity. My goal is to start focusing on getting moving and exercising, more than I focus on the calorie intake.

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