Frustrations with the system

Some of the stress from the last week is finally leaving me and I slept hard and woke up feeling drained. I have a mental sense of commitment but it’s weak. It seems overwhelming. I’m trying to figure out the ins and outs of the online system. There are some disappointments with the system, like, not all foods are there. I’m used to other systems that have a more thorough database. I also am expecting this system to be more personal. It has me set an activity goal, but nowhere can I see my progress towards that goal. The help is rather poor also in answering my questions. At one point I was told what my ideal weight range was, but I can’t figure out how to find that information again. These two things, I would like to see so that I have something to work towards. Frustrations… but, as I said previously, I know that the work is on me and not on the system. I have to do the hard work of eating properly and raising my activity level.

I updated my weight loss ticker and moved it to my About page. I can’t wait to see the little runner move towards my first goal!

3 thoughts on “Frustrations with the system

  1. If I had known a teaspoon of olive oil was one point and a HALF teaspoon of olive oil is one point, I would’ve gone for the whole teaspoon! And can I say I did two ten minute stretching sessions for 1+1 points instead of one twenty minute session for only 1 point?


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