Logging Miles

Tara Costa, from season 7 Biggest Loser, took on a challenge of logging as many miles (bike, run, swim) this year as likes she received to a posting in January. It came to a commitment of 2247 miles!

Logging my miles.

I was inspired to do a similar challenge for myself, starting in February. Don’t laugh, I agreed to walk 350 miles the rest of this year. That may seem piddly compared to Tara’s 2247 miles, but I’m proud of myself for my commitment. I am so out of shape, that the 350 miles is actually a challenge for me! I am really hoping that as time goes by, I gain strength and blow by that number. (I secretly wish I was a runner.) But for now, I now it will be a struggle to do the 350 miles. I can think of a thousand things I would rather do than walk.

I am hoping there are no joint issues that will interfere with my goal. In the past I’ve managed to develop “runner’s knee” and other forms of tendinitis and bursitis in my hip. This is why you can see from the picture that I start with 0.4 miles and increase gradually, very gradually, to 1.75 miles at the end of the year. I do not indicate any level of speed in my plan. I want to do this at my own pace, without injuries. My whole goal here is to -get- -off- -the- -couch-.

It’s a really good feeling having a goal to work towards. Wish me luck!