Back to the grind

I am frustrated with finding time to take care of myself. Finding time to eat right, including shopping for the food, and time to exercise. Finding time to record everything in the online system.

It’s the last day of spring break. I will spend today doing all the homework I wanted to get done during spring break, but didn’t do. I am a great procrastinator and have days like this often. I get frustrated because then I do not have time to take care of myself. My heart says taking care of myself is my first priority but my circumstances say different.

The first four days of this week will be spent preparing for and taking two midterms and submitting a preliminary summary of my research paper. That means is a lot of reading. Now’s the time when I wish I would have chosen a career in a field that relates to taking care of myself! Like nutritionist or physical therapist or trainer (I can’t even imagine, lol) or even a spiritual career such as pastor or teacher. Anyone who gets paid to do those things is in a good position compared with those of us who have to find extra time after doing what we get paid to do. I guess that’s why so many of the Biggest Loser contestants go on to be trainers or motivational speakers. But… we can’t all be trainers. So, I will spend the day reading about UML and the like.