Zero Points Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Zero Points Strawberry Banana Smoothie

How fun this is discovering new things to eat and drink that are healthy. Of, course, most are not new ideas to me. They’ve just gotten buried in my memory banks over the last few years of unhealthy eating. My smoothies used to include protein powder and milk and sometimes (*gasp*) ice cream. Yesterday, I got the blender out and dusted it off. I threw in one banana, some strawberries, and half a cup unsweetened, plain almond milk. I blended it into a creamy, smooth deliciousness. Voila! Zero points! The zero point variations are endless. Many kinds of fruits or combinations are good. And water and ice are good alternatives to almond milk. I’m envisioning, once the weather is warmer, one sunny afternoon, sitting on my deck relaxing with a smoothie. Now if we could get some warm weather and sunshine.

If you didn’t see the 60 Minutes segment on sugar that aired last night, it’s worth watching. It was interesting to hear about sugar “feeding” cancer cells. It’s good to see this information get as far as 60 Minutes to get more people’s attention. The doctor they interviewed believes sugar should get the same attention that alcohol and tobacco get. I couldn’t agree more.

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