Points Fear

I’m still trying to figure out how to use points and what will work for me. I seem to be afraid of points. I worry about getting too many and as a result, I starve and get too few. Counting calories seemed a whole lot easier. That’s probably because I knew rough values for all the foods I regularly eat. I am also making poor food choices and not getting enough sleep. I don’t think that will reflect well on the scale based on my peeking at the scale ahead of the weekly weigh-in, which is tomorrow.

There was a rough period last week where the kitchen was bare. After finally getting to the grocery store, things are going better. However, I still went to school yesterday with too few points in my lunch bag. When I returned home at 9:30 pm, I was ravenous and had to eat (not good!). Yet, I still finished the day under my points total.

I think I will eventually figure it out, but in the meantime it’s a learning process. I really am not happy that so many food items I eat are not in the Weight Watcher’s database. I also am not happy that when I need to make a guess as to which item in the database would be the right selection, I am faced with items that have varying points, making that selection difficult to guess. Take plain, roasted turkey breast from the deli. First, my husband bought it, so I can’t put in the brand. But the brands that do come up are not available in my area. And was it roasted with the skin? Not sure… You get the point (no pun intended).

Perhaps the best solution is to just use the points calculator for some things. I do that sometimes to compare my label with an item in the database. If they agree in points, I use the item in the database. Deli turkey breast doesn’t come with a label, though. I wonder if the deli would supply the nutrition information. Maybe I’m over-thinking.

One thought on “Points Fear

  1. I struggled and was hungry for a while until i started to figure out that at each meal you have to give yourself something bulky like pasta with meatballs along with something low in points like salad, or loads of vegetables. I have WW recipes on my blog along with snack ideas and stuff! It is new but developing… http://thetorrodiaries.wordpress.com/
    check it out!


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