I am making slow but steady progress according to the scale this past week or so. There are some other items I would put under the “progress” category. First, my mood from a month ago has improved quite a lot. I’ve developed focus, hope, purpose. I did not realize that my excess weight played such a huge role in my mood. I just heard the other day again how much exercise plays a role in mood. This would be another factor for me, since I was virtually inactive a month ago.

Another progress item is my energy level. That also is quite a bit improved, which also was a huge goal for me. Certainly energy level is dependent on mood and exercise level, so this makes sense that it would be better.

Yet another progress item, is that I seem to be getting used to the program and getting it to work for me. I am still hungry a lot. But there are plenty of times I am not so hungry, like after I exercise. I am taking being hungry as a sign that I am on the right path. Eating when not hungry, or continuing to eat when full has not worked so well in the past! I don’t rush to food as soon as I feel hungry. I wait. I like to feel a tummy growl as my signal that it’s time to eat. So far this is an experiment and there’s lots of factors to consider about it. Basically, I get crabby when hungry. So in order to avoid the crabbiness, I would eat as soon as I felt hungry. This, over the last few years, has turned into all-day-long grazing. It’s this pattern I am trying to break.

All in all, I’m happy with the way things are going. Hubby, who is not on Weight Watchers, but counting calories, has now lost 9 pounds! So proud of him.

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