One Pound Away

Getting on the scale this morning, I weighed in at 178. One pound from not being in the obese category. My personal goal, not recorded in Weight Watchers or on my tickers, is to get the heck out of the obese category! I started gaining weight out of the healthy range about ten years ago, due to many factors. In those ten years, I have gotten back down to a healthy weight range twice in preparation for tropical vacations. Talk about motivation! I can still remember how much fun it was shopping for vacation clothes in a size 8. It is not fun shopping for clothes now. I rarely do. During the ten years, I have always kept that line between obesity and overweight in mind and tried to stay below it. However, in the last two years, while my life disintegrated around me, I have stayed in the obese category. I was just ignoring it. I think that was one of my wake up calls when I admitted I was too far overweight and that it was making me miserable. I have higher goals though. It’s not enough to be just overweight. I want to be healthy and that means being within the ideal weight range. That is my goal. And once I get there, I want a lifetime of being in the healthy range.

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