Gorgeous Day

I had a wonderful 2.5 mile walk today with my dog. I haven’t been able to walk him for almost a year because of shoulder problems. It’s a warm, sunny day and it felt great. I am always in awe of the beauty of nature.



Finally Done!

The semester is finally over and I can focus back on weight loss and life in general. The last few weeks have been exhausting and I’m so happy they’re done with. I really have to find a better way to end the semester (for the next two I have to endure). But anyways, I have still lost a little weight. It has been hard though. I’m done a total of 15 pounds from my start on March 21. I am so happy I can step it up now and exercise again. I love that little extra lee-way with the points credits that Weight Watchers give you.

I also have had two really bad eating days. The first was a week ago at an out-of-town wedding. The appetizers were out-of-this-world delicious. And relatively healthy. Nevertheless, I ate probably 7 points worth. Dinner was not so healthy unfortunately, a Cuban arepa with fried plantain chips. I chose a chicken one and tried to eat as few of the chips as possible. But, oh so hard. So, not so bad all together. The real points problem was the Fat Tire beer. Alcoholic beverages were limited, no light ones available. I struggle in social situations and alcohol is always my friend at these types of gatherings. I have been very strong in this area since starting my weight loss journey. The problem this time was my exhaustion left me with no strength to resist. Not to mention, it was an unusually hot day and I had only brought one outfit along which was a sweater. And the wedding was at a gorgeous park overlooking the Mississippi. Do you see the math? It all adds up to great beer drinking. (tongue in cheek)  Lesson learned, don’t get so exhausted to not have the emotional strength to control your eating and drinking.

The second day was yesterday. My first day free from school and I took that literally- free from everything including watching my eating. It was oh-so-nice to eat the most delicious burger (half of one) in the world. I really have to figure out how to not feel so deprived with this dieting. I know it’s possible, just have been too busy to figure it out. I’m looking forward to having the time now to do so. I really have enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs while not being able to post. Thank you all for your inspiration!

Venus over the Mississippi