Dining Out Woes

We were running errands today. We had to be 30 miles from home by 9 am, so I skipped breakfast and just ate a banana (bad, I know). We ended up having an early lunch and decided on a chain restaurant that has salads and we had a gift card. I ordered the Sante Fe salad with grilled chicken, telling the waitress to leave off the tortilla strips and put the dressing on the side, and my husband ordered a grilled chicken wrap. After placing our order, I decided to see if I could find the nutrition information for my salad. The restaurant does post their nutrition information and wow, was I shocked! The salad without dressing was 910 calories. Yikes. It came with a dollop of sour cream and one of guacamole, plenty of shredded cheese and a large cup of dressing and a large cup of salsa. I approximated 3-4 ounces of greasy chicken. There was no need for adding the dressing because the salad came coated in some type of oil and vinegar mix. Ugh. So frustrating to try to order healthy and have that set in front of you. I think I did pretty well, not eating all of it. I did not touch the dressing or the sour cream or the guacamole or the salsa as hard as it was.

So the lesson here for me is to start learning the nutrition information for restaurants before visiting them and have a healthy plan in place. My husband’s chicken fajita wrap came in at 1040 calories and 58 grams of fat. Just the wrap, no sides. He only at half.


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