Weigh-In Wednesday

I lost half a pound this week. I was happy with that. I’ve been very non-motivated this week. I am still really tired. I tried to work through it by keeping up with the exercising. That seemed to just make me more tired instead of energizing me like it usually does. So I stopped and just became depressed not knowing what to do about the fatigue and lack of motivation. I also tried eating more thinking maybe I was eating too little. At the same time I was feeling so deprived, that by eating more I ate some things I probably shouldn’t have. Even with “portion control” some things are just too high in points when your allowance is only 26.

I feel like I’ve had my pity-party long enough and hopefully will get back on track this week with renewed motivation and energy. When I want to say, “It’s hard!”, I can hear Jillian saying, “So what? So what if it’s hard?! Life’s hard! You’ve done things harder than this before haven’t you!” I just love her no-nonsense attitude that you really can’t argue with. It really cuts through all my excuses.

2 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday

  1. Have you had your vitamins and thyroid checked. I know a low B12, Calcium, Vitamin D things like can make you feel tired as well of course as your thyroid. Just a thought 🙂


    • good points! I haven’t had my vitamins checked, but my doctor checks my thyroid often because I’m always complaining about being tired 😦 I’ve been hoping the exercising and losing weight will give me more energy. Some of it is depression too.


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