Hit Enter!

All you gotta do is… Hit Enter.

My elliptical is feeling lonely. It keeps telling me to hit enter every time I walk by. I have no idea why I’m ignoring it, but I am. I don’t understand the whole motivation thing when it comes to exercising. I don’t seem to have a problem with the eating part, in fact I think I do pretty well there.  I’m just not exercising.

So here are the excuses: I just don’t like it (most of it). It’s boring. I need a buddy to work out with. I’m tired. It’s too hard. I’d rather sit at my computer. I have too many other things to do. I don’t have time. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’m sick. Later. It’s raining. It’s too hot (too cold). I have to clean the bathroom first. The bills will be late if I don’t pay them first. My friend kept me on the phone too long. Ugh. Obviously just excuses. They are the same things anyone could say, yet some people don’t say them. They actually do exercise!

I feel like I’m missing that magic link that gets me to actually exercise. I want a light bulb to go off in my brain. Well, I know it’s not an “exercise gene” I’m missing… How do those people who exercise do it? I know it’s good for me. I know it will help me lose weight. I know it will give me energy. I know it will lift my mood. I know it will add years to my life. I know it will help me fight diseases. I know it will make me stronger and more flexible. And so much more. Maybe I feel I’m not worth all those good things? Maybe it’s just not become a “habit” yet? Maybe I just over-analyze as another excuse not to do it? Maybe it doesn’t matter why and I just need to “do it”? Whatever is keeping me from exercising lately, I gotta figure out how to beat it!


I weigh 167 today. That’s down a half pound from last week’s weigh-in, but a pound higher than last Saturday. I stayed within my daily allowance of points all week, unless I was inaccurate in calculating meals eaten out (I try to err on the heavy side, but you never know). I think the difference is that I ate some different things due to unusual circumstances and I am not exercising at all. Time to make some changes!