11th Weigh-In

Another week gone by. My weight this morning was 169. Down 19.5 pounds. I’m doing the online Weight Watchers and have to use my own scale. I notice the meeting scales seem to go by two-tenths of a pound increments. My scale is only half pound increments. I don’t know if that’s a disadvantage, but there are other perks you get by going to meetings (besides the obvious social support and encouragement). I notice at meetings you get reward charms. You also cannot become a lifetime member using the online system. I presume that is because you don’t have witnessed weigh-ins. I was upset about that at first, like us online users are not real members. Then I read the requirements for becoming a life-time member and realized I would never achieve that anyways (sounds like sour grapes, heh?). The requirement that you fluctuate not more than +/- 2 pounds for six weeks is what got me. Why would it be bad to be down more than 2 pounds from your goal weight? But I don’t know what a goal weight is according to the meetings. Is it at the very low end of your healthy range that they don’t want you to go any lower? And 2 pounds is very restrictive if you want to stay non-paying forever. My weight just fluctuates too much day to day and if I was up 3 pounds, I would not think anything of it unless it stayed there for several weeks. It seems like plenty of people are able to achieve lifetime status – congratulations to those who have!

Well, enough about that. I have to work with what I have and this journey for me is not about outside accountability or outside rewards. It is about me. So far that’s how I am motivated and hopefully how I will keep the weight off – knowing I am doing this for me and always reminding myself why I’m doing it. I try to judge my progress by achieving my “why”s and not the scale. It’s hard to do, since I’m all about loving seeing the numbers go down on the scale and hating seeing the numbers go up.

If you’re wondering, I chose the online method because my local meetings were at a time when I could not attend and the next closest locations are all about 9 miles away. So far it is working well for me, and hopefully not having those outside rewards and motivators will be okay for me. The journey does get lonely sometimes, although my husband is being much more supportive lately. I could attend the meetings now, and have thought about switching. I don’t know if I should or not, I guess.

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