Sorry to not be writing posts. First, I have a hard time thinking of what to write about. Second, I’ve been really down lately and don’t want to have a negative mood to my posts. I’m losing weight very slowly now. I always thought summer was the best time to lose weight. It turns out that around here, summer is party time. It’s full of cookouts, parties, get togethers, vacation time, festivals and music concerts. I think that’s because our good weather time is so short that we spend a lot of effort squeezing in a lot a fun into a few months before it gets cold and we are stuck indoors for what seems like forever. It also seems like the “party” scene is really hard for me to keep control of my plan. The foods are so “forbidden”. A definite weakness. It makes me wonder how it will go over the winter holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas also mean a lot of yummy food options around here.

Thinking positively, I am still losing. I am still trying, I haven’t given up. This hot weather is awesome! Thank you all for your blog posts. It really does help inspire me when I read them.