Tuesday’s Progress

Here’s just a quick update. I have posted the “Before” pictures. I also added a Stats page with my starting information and first goals. I’ll update this page once a week. I began tracking my eating in myfitnesspal. Off to a good start. When I’m done posting here, I plan to grab something to eat and head out for a walk on this cool, sunny morning.

Monday Weigh In

four shirts

The range of sizes I plan to progress through.

I weighed myself this morning to get the process started officially. Like I said, it will start slowly at first due to having a few more weeks of finishing my capstone project. I am starting in the size XL shirt and bottoms at 191.5 lbs. I will post the before pictures of myself wearing the outfit. Not a pretty sight, but it is what it is.

Gearing Up

In reviving this blog… I’ve gotten as far as determining that Monday will be weigh in day to help keep myself accountable over the weekends. Tomorrow I will post my first official weigh in. I went to Walmart and purchased a T-shirt and pants in a range of sizes so that I can post comparison pictures throughout my journey. I sure hope I don’t get stuck in the largest size and will be able to post progress showing smaller sizes!

The clerk asked me if I knew someone who worked at Walmart. I looked at her confused, like “why?” She said because I was buying so many blue shirts (the clerks are required to wear blue shirts). I had to laugh! I got my gumption together and told her the truth. I said the only color that had all the different sizes I wanted was blue and I was using them as motivation to lose weight. She had a nice story to tell me about her mother-in-law who lost over a hundred pounds on the all protein diet.

Blue is my favorite color, so it’s fine with me. And, who knows, some day I may work at Walmart. Not too far fetched an idea since I am currently unemployed.