Monday Weigh In

Today’s weight 190.5. Down 1 pound. With hardly trying. I still have a week before I can become serious about weight loss, but I made some small progress this past week. I recorded my calorie intake each day and found my average to be 1767. Not so close to the 1200 I’m aiming for as my first goal, but I know it’s far less than I was consuming (tummy growling tells me so). I also took a one mile walk twice. The second walk got me a deer fly bite and gave me a convenient excuse to stop walking. I’ll use anything as an excuse though.These statistics are updated on my Stats page.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to protect myself against the deer flies and found a fun deer fly blog. I spent a fair amount of time trying to find various recommended products and was unsuccessful. I will have to order online. Today, I will attempt another walk and see how bad the flies are. I don’t want to give up my outside walks, I enjoy them so much.

One more week of writing up my capstone report and I will be done. Free is a better word. Two years of slavery to pursuing a masters. I can taste the freedom!

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