Monday Weigh In

189.5. Down another pound. It’s time to get this thing going! I’ve completed all requirements for my degree and turn my attention now to this project of getting healthy! Over the last two weeks I have laid the groundwork.

First, I have accomplished my first activity goal of getting off the couch daily. I have also taken two walks each week of 1 mile. So I have added a more concrete goal 2: increase my activity from 5.9 minutes per day average (the two walks averaged over the week) up to 12 minutes. This would be three 1-mile walks and one 1-1/2 mile walk. It’s a small amount of exercise, but if I increase slowly, I hope to avoid injury. My areas of injury weakness are hips, knees and feet. Next, I will consider some strengthening exercises in addition to the walks. Baby steps though.

Second, I have counted calories every day over the last two weeks. I modified my first calorie goal of 1200/day up to 1500/day. This is because I’m still at 1700-1800 and I think I’m going to have a hard time reducing it. I still have a refrigerator full of cheese from our recent three day get-away cheese tour. (I love cheese.) I will want to eat it before it gets old. It’s also sweet corn season now (only happens one month a year, love it). It’s also tomato season and that requires BLT’s. It’s the only time of year I will eat BLT’s. I have tried them with turkey bacon and definitely not the same. I have tried them with whole-wheat bread and definitely not the same. Anyways, I will focus on portion control when I eat this waistline unfriendly treats.

I really need to update my blog theme. I chose this one because I like blue and there aren’t many blue themes. But this one is too dark. I will look for something more uplifting, inspiring, joyful. I can modify it to get some blue in.

Now that I have time, I hope to post more than once a week. Now to think of what to write!

2 thoughts on “Monday Weigh In

  1. a pound a week is great! Your plan sounds doable and is focused on the reality of the seasons… Started following you! I am trying to push for my final 10 lbs before my birthday in just a few weeks after losing 42 lbs and staying at my current weight, (gaining and losing 3lbs) for the past 8 months…What I’ve learned is I will succeed at maintaining!!! Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks for the follow! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I envy your fashion sense (I have none). Congratulations on losing the weight and hope you reach your goal of losing the final 10 by your birthday.


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