Monday Weigh In

188.0. Down 1.5 pounds. Increasing my activity and lowering my calories is working. Increasing the activity has been easier than I thought it would be. I averaged out to 14.6 minutes per day. Maybe it’s because it goes on my to-do list every day (even “no walk” goes on for rest days). I am definitely a list person! Lowering calories has been much harder. This past week I had some very high days. Even one day when I had a stomach bug, I still somehow got 1400 calories. I’m still aiming to get under 1500 calories per day (average) but came in at 1692 this week.

For this week my goals will stay the same. My walking goal gets a little confusing because at the same time as I’m trying to get my heart pumping for more time, I still have that dream of being able to run. So I am also trying to get my mile time less. So essentially, I have to walk further then to get time in. So far my fastest mile is 18 min 7 sec. I’ve done this twice. My current mile time goal is to get under 18. Well, baby steps. I’m still really just making sure I get some activity and not just sitting on the couch. But a girl can dream.

I’m not getting very far on posting more often. That may turn out to be just a dream also. This past week was house renovations taking up all my time. This week will be finishing up the renovations, an afternoon baseball game, preparing the house for a visit from my daughter and her SO (arriving Thursday) and then visiting through the weekend. I have to say some of my most precious things are my children and any time I can spend with them is devoted entirely to them. Well, honestly being shy and uncomfortable posting plays a factor too. But I do have some ideas floating around in my head for posts other than the weekly update.

Everyone have a great week this week!


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