Tuesday Inspiration

For inspiration and motivation I read others’ blogs and watch weight loss reality television. But this time, I am inspired by my own accomplishment. Yesterday, I finally broke the 18 minute barrier for my mile. I came in at 17:47! Woo-hoo! It’s a small thing, but a big accomplishment for me. I rewarded myself with a longer, more leisurely walk today through my favorite stretch of the neighborhood. My walking buddy, my golden retriever, and I did just over 2.5 miles in just under 53 minutes. That’s 53 minutes not on the couch.

The deer flies are active again now that’s it’s warmed back up here. My favorite stretch of the neighborhood is woody and swampy where there are more deer flies. I did get another bite, but like the last time, it didn’t swell and is not really bothering me. Although I screamed when it bit me, lol, since I have a history of bad reactions. Totally scared my walking buddy!

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