Monday Weigh In

progress so far

progress so far

186.5. Back on track! It feels good to be headed in the right direction again. Every time I want to eat something not so healthy, I remind myself of my goal to be healthy. This week I had many challenges: get togethers with friends and family and a lot of dining out. To handle those challenges, I allowed myself to sample items that are not very healthy. I make sure to track that sample and include it in my calorie count. Some things I allowed myself to sample this week are: deep fried, breaded onion strings, baked brie in puff pastry, strawberry cake, summer sausage. I’m not a fan of any kind of sausage, but I was being polite to the friend who had brought it to share.

Another thing I did this week was to work around heavy calorie “meals” by eating less at other meals and limiting how much of the high calorie foods I ate. For example, I went to a college football game. It was going to be right over lunch time and involved a two hour drive there, and back. There’s nothing healthy to eat at a football stadium! So I ate a small breakfast and drank only water during the game (not hard to do, it was super-hot in the stands). I had only a bratwurst for lunch (more sausage?!), careful not to eat the whole bun (I’m not a fan of white bread either). On the drive home, I had a banana to get me through until dinner.

I’m doing better with allowing myself to be hungry and not running to get food at the first thought of hunger. I am also doing better at eating fruit, but still working on getting more vegetables into my diet. I notice the restaurants I’ve been going to aren’t very good at offering vegetables other than salads. But they all offer potatoes: French fries, waffle fries, mashed, baked, sweet potato fries, etc.

I decided to make a long term weight loss goal. This is usually the first thing I do, but for some reason I held off on it this time. I know my healthy weight. It’s 135. I don’t change that goal. I don’t want to just get close, or just get better. I want to hit that healthy weight and stay there for the rest of my life. That’s my goal. I planned for just over a pound a week to get there and that will take me a year to get there. That seems doable. But a year allows for so much time for setbacks! And I’m really worried about maintaining that weight if I ever am able to hit it. It means a radical lifestyle change. Oh, how I long for the days when I could eat whatever I wanted, not exercise and be slim!