I’m holding myself accountable and reporting on the first day (yesterday) of 30+ minutes of exercise for this week. It was such a lovely, gorgeous early fall day! With the temperature at 68 and the sun shining, it was a perfect day for a nice long walk. I walked 2.5 miles and didn’t rush, taking pictures along the way. I found it tricky taking pix with a phone camera, bright sunshine and a dog on leash.

driveThe gorgeous dappled shade greeted me in the driveway and shaded us through a large part of the 2.5 miles. Most of this walk includes houses on one side of the road and the other side is beautiful woods, cornfields and marshland.

deerflyEntering my favorite stretch of the walk, wandering through woods and marsh.

sumacMost everything is still green. There is a bit of red and yellow appearing. Sumac here in the fall is brilliant red. Occasionally, a yellow leaf would flutter to the ground in front of us as we walked.

marshThe marshy wetlands. This is where the deer flies attack in season.

cornbarnSmall town scenery. Cornfield and barn with a clear blue sky.

cloudsHere is where I have turned around and will retrace the route back home. Our main road (behind me in this pic) is under construction right now so I had to walk all the way and check out the progress. I took this picture to show the beautiful high whispy clouds in the bright blue sky.

buddyMy walking buddy is pretty tired and we’re only half-way done! Poor guy’s age is starting to show.

I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful area for walking. I will miss the nature soon when it gets too cold and gray and brown here.