Kick in the Pants Challenge

Just when I was thinking of “giving up” for the upcoming holiday season… along came this challenge! It’s hard losing weight without a support system and that’s the bonus of blogging.

It’s fall and getting cold where I live. Cuddling with my cat and a good book and a glass of wine (or any delicious carb-filled beverage) in front of the fire sounds more appealing than bundling up and heading out for a walk full of runny nose and windblown cheeks. Or another option I prefer would be to surf through blogs filled with delicious recipes, planning what to serve guests during the holidays. (Oh, that sounds like trouble with a capital T).

Too cold outside? I do have a dusty treadmill, and an elliptical, in the basement. That’s right, in the basement where it’s dark and cobwebs lurk overhead. I had a kind of nice setup at one time with a TV and some floor matting. But it’s deteriorated where the TV broke, the cat has overtaken the mats and the build up of junk on the fringes has begun creeping into the “nice” space. But it’s too cold for me outside and I need to fix the space back up (or join a gym) to stay motivated to exercise.

I don’t want to “give up” for the holidays. I want to be healthy, stronger, have more energy and feel better about myself. That’s what I want. So I’m taking up Katy’s challenge and keep moving toward my goals in any way I can. To be honest, since I re-started this journey a few months ago, I have lost a few pounds (12) and do feel healthier, stronger, have more energy and do feel better about myself. I definitely do not want to lose that and only want it to get better!

Please check out this low-key, fun challenge of Katy’s and sign up if you need a kick in the pants like me.

Anxiety and Weight

178.5 on Monday. Last week was very busy and stressful. I stopped entering in myfitnesspal and didn’t exercise at all. I still managed to do alright, weight-wise. I have spent the beginning of this week getting back on track emotionally and have begun logging food and exercising again.

One thing I paid attention to last week was how that stress (it’s anxiety for me) affected my appetite. I’m the same weight I was last May and the weight I gained in between then and the end of June was due mostly to anxiety. Eating is my knee jerk reaction to anxiety. I’m working on changing that (the anxiety and the reaction to it). Lately I have lost a lot of that gnawing hunger that anxiety gives me and feel I have better control over my appetite. Unfortunately it started reappearing last week! I found myself frequently feeling that sense of panicky frustration followed by hunger followed by me walking towards food. I was very observant of this and tried to talk myself out of eating. I reminded myself that I was “hungry” due to anxiety and tried to think of alternatives like drinking tea or water. I paid attention to which activities were causing the anxiety and tried to change what I was doing when I could. I found that keeping super busy helped too because then I didn’t have time or opportunity to run to the fridge. Busy work itself doesn’t cause me anxiety either.

This process is very difficult for me. Eating does soothe anxiety and it is also a distraction from anxiety. I don’t want it to be my solution to anxiety any more. This will take time and hard work.

I am grateful to have a quiet week where I can refocus and be kind to myself! Now, everyone give yourself a hug and be kind to yourself!

A Cold Weigh In

179.5 – moving along slowly. This morning I woke up to what felt like this:



Here comes a long winter of cold with gloomy skies. Out comes the flannel sheets and down comforter. The heat goes on. Dry skin. Stale air. Limited daylight. If you live in a climate where winter blues (or even depression) affects people, what do you do to stay positive through the long months?

Here’s my plan this winter.

  • I will continue to focus on eating healthy and exercising (this is #1).
  • I will celebrate weight victories (in a healthy way).
  • I will try to get outside as much as possible.
  • I will start taking Vitamin D.
  • I will plan some social events with good friends.
  • I will cherish my family.
  • I will restart my gratitude journal.
  • I will be on the lookout for negative thoughts and attitudes and try to replace them with positive thoughts and attitudes.
  • I will continue reading blogs with positive attitudes and uplifting messages.
  • I will dream of (and plan) vacations in warm, sunny places and dream of relocating to a milder climate.


Well, that’s a start of a plan. Even making a plan like this can be encouraging. Winter can make us feel boxed in, against a wall. Dreaming and making plans can remove walls and free us and allow us to imagine all the possibilities.