Weigh In Success

181. Down 2 pounds and right on schedule. It’s no secret that eating less plus exercising more will shed pounds, but it’s nice to see it proven with the data. My personal challenge to get 30+ minutes of exercise every day for six days worked well although it was tough to do. Here’s what I did:

Tuesday: 56:26 min, 2.55 miles,  walking outside

Wednesday: 34:00 min, strength workout DVD

and 13:26 min, 0.67 miles, walking outside

Thursday: 33:44 min, 1.68 miles, walking outside

Friday: 1:00:00 hr, strength workout DVD with cardio

Saturday: 30:28 min, 1.56 miles, walking/jogging outside

Sunday: 30:52 min, 1.69 miles, walking/jogging outside

I’ve kind of lost focus on my goals to eat more vegetables and add a strength workout. This week I will continue with those goals and hopefully in a few weeks I can check those goals off and add new goals. I’m also going to start 30 days of yoga that I saw someone posted. The short sessions get emailed to you once a day. I don’t do yoga and I’m already a day behind, but I’m going to try really hard to do this because I like new experiences. You can check here if you are interested.

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