Weigh In

181. No weight change, which is no surprise since it was a terrible week. All around. Lack of exercise. Poor eating. Feeling sorry for myself. Depression. (Sorry to be such a downer).

Don't these look delicious? They are...

Don’t these look delicious? They are…

I have this fantasy going on in my head. I think eating that cookie won’t show on the scale. (I really do think this way). And that leads to another, then another. (If that cookie won’t show on the scale, then this one won’t either). Oh, the lies we tell ourselves (um, the lies I tell myself). You can guess the shock I feel when I get on the scale and it shows a gain. (Do I never learn?) Or after a week of just-one-cookies I get frustrated when the scale shows no loss. It’s fall. It’s pumpkin season. I just had to make those pumpkin cookies, right?

This is why I weigh myself every (or almost every) day. The scale does not lie. The scale is my slap back to reality. I don’t like fooling myself and I’m starting to get wiser to my foolish thinking. Now, what to do about the craving for pumpkin cookies? There’s a lot to why I made the cookies besides that I craved them. And it’s not such a bad thing that I made them. The question is, what to do about not being able to resist them and eat just one? (I think I had six yesterday). Any ideas? Make a smaller batch? Give a bunch away? Freeze half of them? Put them out of sight? (I did none of those, except gave a few away). I won’t post the recipe since it’s not weight loss friendly.

I do feel better after a relaxing weekend with family and football. I feel more motivated with no weight lost and resting up after that week of forcing myself to exercise more. (That’s another fantasy that I can be some fabulously fit exercising machine). It seems I still need some moderation in the exercise department to keep my motivation up. I tried a 30-day yoga challenge, but after 2 days I realized I could not do the poses because they were too hard. I do enjoy yoga (or I have in the past). I have a DVD that is better for a beginner, so I would like to dust that off and start adding that in my routine. I can’t beat myself up because I don’t have the strength and flexibility I once had. But I never will if I don’t start working on it.

Let’s all have a great week!

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