A Cold Weigh In

179.5 – moving along slowly. This morning I woke up to what felt like this:



Here comes a long winter of cold with gloomy skies. Out comes the flannel sheets and down comforter. The heat goes on. Dry skin. Stale air. Limited daylight. If you live in a climate where winter blues (or even depression) affects people, what do you do to stay positive through the long months?

Here’s my plan this winter.

  • I will continue to focus on eating healthy and exercising (this is #1).
  • I will celebrate weight victories (in a healthy way).
  • I will try to get outside as much as possible.
  • I will start taking Vitamin D.
  • I will plan some social events with good friends.
  • I will cherish my family.
  • I will restart my gratitude journal.
  • I will be on the lookout for negative thoughts and attitudes and try to replace them with positive thoughts and attitudes.
  • I will continue reading blogs with positive attitudes and uplifting messages.
  • I will dream of (and plan) vacations in warm, sunny places and dream of relocating to a milder climate.


Well, that’s a start of a plan. Even making a plan like this can be encouraging. Winter can make us feel boxed in, against a wall. Dreaming and making plans can remove walls and free us and allow us to imagine all the possibilities.

4 thoughts on “A Cold Weigh In

  1. Great ideas, I am spending this week talking about tools for happiness and of course gratitude is on the top of my list and something I share on my blog. Hope you read my blog today for the other suggestion which I hope inspires and helps you… I survived one winter in Massachusetts and saw a lot of people sink into a depressive state so great to plan ahead and use your blog to talk about this important issue!


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