Challenges of all sorts

Hi everyone! This must be the season of challenges. My first challenge is realizing that I’ve been slacking on the vegetable eating. So with some renewed mindfulness on what I’m eating, I make sure I enter everything in myfitnesspal, even if I don’t like what I’m entering and the calorie total I see. Yesterday was a great vegetable day:

kale, sweet potatoes, green beans, mushrooms, onions (onions are something I eat almost every day!)

My second challenge is that my goal of “getting off the couch” needs some serious revival! I’ve been having some emotional challenges I’m trying to deal with (that would be challenge number 3). All the emotional drama has zapped me and paralyzed me. I have to remind myself it’s a choice to be active. My choice has been to take care of myself on the couch and I don’t know that it’s the best choice to take care of myself. I will make my choice now to get off the couch, be more active, turn away from the internet, keep the TV off, continue with my plan to be healthy, strong and have more energy.

I am excited that I may have good news to share soon… stay tuned…

I am excited to be starting the Fall into Fitness 30 Day¬†Challenge soon, on November 3 (This is my fourth “challenge”.) It’s gonna be just what I need to get moving again and to get through the Thanksgiving season with a positive outcome. I’ll be sharing my goals and progress as it gets started, but if I don’t gain any weight over the holidays, I’ll be way ahead since statistically, people gain weight during this time.

Happy Friday!