My Good News

A few days ago I mentioned that I would soon be able to share my good news with you. Well, I have finally crossed the BMI line from obesity to overweight! There is such a stigma to the term “obese” for me because when I was younger the term referred to someone who was very large. More recently the term came to be used for a BMI of 30+ which is still unhealthy and large, just not as large as I used to think obese meant. In the past five or so years, I have bounced around on either side of that 30 BMI mark. It’s a huge motivator for me because who wouldn’t rather be called “overweight” versus “obese”?


This leads to two new life-long goals for me:

  1. Never cross back to an obese BMI
  2. Strive to leave “overweight” behind and have a BMI in the normal range (oh, so far away!)

Day 1 of the Fall Into Fitness challenge went well. I did not sit down and relax until evening. For the challenge I started my day with a 32 minute walk to get my goal of 30 min/day in. I then helped de-junk my father-in-law’s house. I then spent the afternoon walking around the zoo with a friend. The weather was beautiful and the animals were very active. We had a great time watching them and taking pictures and forgetting about the real world for a few hours. But it’s a big zoo with a lot of walking. This much activity was tough. By evening I had a lot of pain going on: hip, knee, lower back, feet. The shoes I wore to the zoo were not the best, I guess. I have to admit that I was one of those people that forgot to set their clock back an hour, so I got up with my alarm and hour earlier than I wanted to. I didn’t get enough sleep and was pretty tired all day.

Yesterday’s vegetables, not the best but not the worst:

lettuce/onion/tomato (on a sandwich) and broccoli/onions/mushrooms

Today’s plan:

no walking; ice my foot; do an exercise dvd; stay away from the couch