My Good News

A few days ago I mentioned that I would soon be able to share my good news with you. Well, I have finally crossed the BMI line from obesity to overweight! There is such a stigma to the term “obese” for me because when I was younger the term referred to someone who was very large. More recently the term came to be used for a BMI of 30+ which is still unhealthy and large, just not as large as I used to think obese meant. In the past five or so years, I have bounced around on either side of that 30 BMI mark. It’s a huge motivator for me because who wouldn’t rather be called “overweight” versus “obese”?


This leads to two new life-long goals for me:

  1. Never cross back to an obese BMI
  2. Strive to leave “overweight” behind and have a BMI in the normal range (oh, so far away!)

Day 1 of the Fall Into Fitness challenge went well. I did not sit down and relax until evening. For the challenge I started my day with a 32 minute walk to get my goal of 30 min/day in. I then helped de-junk my father-in-law’s house. I then spent the afternoon walking around the zoo with a friend. The weather was beautiful and the animals were very active. We had a great time watching them and taking pictures and forgetting about the real world for a few hours. But it’s a big zoo with a lot of walking. This much activity was tough. By evening I had a lot of pain going on: hip, knee, lower back, feet. The shoes I wore to the zoo were not the best, I guess. I have to admit that I was one of those people that forgot to set their clock back an hour, so I got up with my alarm and hour earlier than I wanted to. I didn’t get enough sleep and was pretty tired all day.

Yesterday’s vegetables, not the best but not the worst:

lettuce/onion/tomato (on a sandwich) and broccoli/onions/mushrooms

Today’s plan:

no walking; ice my foot; do an exercise dvd; stay away from the couch

7 thoughts on “My Good News

  1. This happened for me last week. It’s a great feeling to move from obese to overweight. 14kg to go though for the very edge of healthy. Eep!


      • Thank-you and congratulations to you too. it’s hard work but after watching a documentary series called “Embarrassing Fat Bodies” (sounds really crude but it was very sensitively and kindly done) and learning about all of the terrifying (and avoidable) long term effects of being overweight it feels like something that has to be done!


  2. This is a great accomplishment and once past that line striving hard to stay on this side of it is a great goal! Great job on day one of the challenge. Went to my WW meeting and am on my way out to walk at the beach boardwalk right now!


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