I knew it!

Well, well, well. There’s been a “couch potato gene” identified! I’ve always heard that exercise is hard for everybody and never gets easier. I never really believed that. It seems to me that some people find it easier than I do. Not that it’s an excuse, this gene would just means it’s harder for some people to exercise. It’s hard to start it, it feels awful doing it and it’s hard to think of “wanting” to do it again the next time.

This is one reason why I joined the Fall Into Fitness challenge. Exercising is hard for me to get myself to do. I really dislike anything aerobic. Strength training is better for me, although I’ve become so weak that it’s not as good as it used to be. I used to feel empowered with strength work, not so much now. Since I started working on losing weight a few months ago, I focused on aerobic activity because that’s always been a weakness and I want to improve that. With this challenge, I’ve added more strength work and it’s really helping motivate me.

I really enjoy reading everyone in the challenge’s posts, especially the workouts. It really does motivate and inspire me- Thanks!

2 thoughts on “I knew it!

  1. Wow, sounds interesting. I would hope that people would not let this be their excuse for not being active. I’m not saying that you have to run a marathon but just get moving people! It’s better for your health … and your life.
    This challenge is making me more focused and committed.


    • I agree! They mentioned that it actually tended to motivate people. So that’s good news. Knowing you have a handicap should not let that stop you from living a full life.


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