Challenge First Week Summary

The weekend’s here and I don’t have a plan for the Fall Into Fitness challenge yet. I’m thinking maybe focus on other things these two days and just try to get some walking in. Here’s a summary of how the first week went for me.


Walk 30 min – It was a beautiful, damp, foggy morning. I walked a little later in the morning and it was fun to watch the fog lifting. It looked like smoke. In the afternoon I spent three hours walking around the zoo, but didn’t count that towards exercise points.

Veggies- lettuce/onion/tomato (on a sandwich) and broccoli/onions/mushrooms



30 min Biggest Loser exercise DVD – perfect for a beginner like me

Veggies-beets, cauliflower, kale/spinach salad


34 min intervals – I’m trying to add some jogging to my walking, but it’s so hard!

Veggies- lettuce/tomato (lettuce wraps), carrots/celery, brussels sprouts


40 min cardio/strength – I got the idea from a fellow challenge blogger, but had to tone it down to my level. After five rounds I had to eliminate the cardio part, I was spent.

Veggies- red cabbage, green beans



2.5 mi walk – This is my longest distance so far and I do it every once in a while. My goal is to increase this distance before the 30 day challenge is over.

Veggies- purple sweet potatoes, spinach


This was a rest day for me. I’ve been so tired! We went to a college basketball game in the evening and parked further away (than the parking ramp) so I could get a few minutes walking in.

Veggies – Kale/spinach/sweet potato salad

Hope everyone hangs in on the challenge this weekend and has some great fall fun!