Challenge Check In

We’re two-thirds of the way through the FIF challenge and it’s time for the second check in. If I had to grade myself on this mid section of the challenge, I would say… a… C? At first I thought maybe a D, but it’s not like I blew it off and did nothing.

I managed my goal of 5 hours of exercise. Yay! But I only posted once (this is the second) and only lost 1 pound. Why did I only lose 1 pound? This is where I get the poor grade. I spent more time back on the couch: planning, blog reading, forum posting, internet reading, TV watching. Ugh. I think I was so tired the first third from the new ramp up in activity, that I was a bit disheartened. Where was all this great boost in energy I was hoping for? Curiously, this second third I have had an increase in energy. And an increase in mood. So, voila! Persevere and be patient. Baby steps.

I also did not eat quite as well as the first third. Not terrible, but not quite as well. I’m pretty sure this means the holidays will be a struggle. That’s half the battle though, knowing ahead of time it will be hard work. I plan on walking Thanksgiving morning. A full 5k worth of walking and hope to throw some jogging in there too. I’m still too chicken to do an actual 5k like a turkey trot, but I can do one on my own! I also plan on leaving some plain sweet potatoes out for myself. {I’m the cook and can do that.} One of the many great things about that delicious Thanksgiving meal is the sweet potatoes. But, for me, I love the sweet potatoes and don’t need the butter and brown sugar or gooey browned marshmallow topping (stop drooling!) It’s thinking ahead and coming up with a plan so as not to get derailed that will save me from the usual 5 pound gain.

I’m ready and excited for the final third of our FIF challenge. I always have been a procrastinator and thus the poor middle third of the challenge. I think to myself, eh, there’s plenty of time. Well, here I am, and I know I won’t make my weight goal in the last ten days. But I have been learning a lot and have gotten a lot of inspiration from the other challenge participants. I want to make the best of the rest of the challenge moving forward.

I like this guy’s story. It’s a simple message.