Guess the Calories

A common holiday offering is nuts. I love nuts. Recent reports reinforce the health benefits of eating nuts in moderation. One of my favorite nuts is pecans. In the can of mixed nuts, I eat all the pecans quickly before anyone else can get any. I used to always make pecan pie for Thanksgiving until I became overweight and had to watch calories.

I recently saw a recipe for Bourbon Pecans. Oh, my. I’m considering making these sometime during the holidays. I put the ingredients into myfitnesspal as a recipe. It calls for a pound of pecans, so I set a serving for an ounce of pecans, 1/16 of the recipe. Can you guess how many calories there are in a serving of these Bourbon Pecans?

Here’s what I entered in myfitnesspal:

bourbon pecans

So what’s your guess? How many calories do you think are in one serving containing an ounce of pecans? Could you stop at just one serving?  Do you think indulging would be worth it? Do you include nuts in your holiday treats?