A big part of getting through the holiday eating while trying to lose weight (or maintain) is portion-control. It helps to know ahead how many calories are in the items that will be offered to eat. We can make better informed choices and it’s not as easy to cave to our wants. I don’t plan on tracking calories for the Thanksgiving meal (dangerous!) because I want to enjoy it guilt free and focus on enjoying the family I will be with. But that doesn’t mean I want to sabotage all my hard efforts for the FIF challenge these past few weeks. I’m finally down another pound today and I know how hard it was to earn that loss! I plan to have a ballpark idea ahead of the calories in the various foods I will be serving my family.

I also plan to listen to my stomach. You know that all-too-familiar Thanksgiving stomach ache we get from eating too much? I sure hope I can listen to when I am full and stop eating at that point. That’s the plan, anyway.

My third strategy is to send care packages home with my family members. Anything that is high in calories or is a temptation leaves the house with the guests. If they eat it or not, I don’t care. I know that I will not be tempted. By the way, I can do this because none of my family guests are overweight. If they were, I don’t think I would be comfortable giving them high calorie, tempting treats to take home.

Now, back to those Bourbon Pecans I posted about a couple days ago. A serving containing 1 oz. of pecans comes to 240 calories. That doesn’t sound so bad I guess and we all know how good nuts are for us. The way I handle treats like this is to decide my own serving size. An ounce of nuts is actually quite a lot and I am happy to have half an ounce. In the case of the bourbon pecans I might be able to do 1/4 of an ounce as long as someone hides the pecans immediately. I use that strategy often. I weigh what I want and put the rest away in the cupboard. This is usually pretty successful for me.

Here are some comparisons of the Bourbon Pecan serving calories to some other holiday foods. I grabbed some information from myfitnesspal, so please check your own recipes for accuracy of calories. Unfortunately, the myfitnesspal database is becoming overloaded with information and widely varying calorie counts for the same foods. I spend a fair amount of time reading labels and trying to verify the accuracy when I track my calories.


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