Looking Back

I seem to have gotten out of the habit this week. Out of the good habits that is: healthy eating, healthy cooking, exercising, blogging. But I’ve had lots of fun and relaxation and family and friends and good food. I went four days without exercising and picked it up again on Thursday with another session for my c25k plan followed on Friday with a long, slow walk of 2.5 miles outside. Yes, outside! I haven’t been walking outside since Thanksgiving. Yesterday was a warm day and I wanted to take advantage of the warmth. I wasn’t able to wait until the temperature went above freezing so I had to walk very carefully and didn’t even attempt jogging. But it felt so good to just be outside in the fresh air. Kitt was very happy to get out for a walk too.


Looking back on this past year, there’s not a whole lot to report. The first seven months were spent exclusively finishing up my graduate degree (and gaining weight due to the stress and frustration of it). I revived this blog on July 29 and began working on getting healthy. Since then, I got off the couch and began exercising. I started with walking outside (my favorite exercise). I worked on that, trying not to lose my breath and eventually starting to do a little jogging with the walking. My dream is to be able to run, run, run… In November I joined the Fall Into Fitness Challenge which kept me pushing myself and losing in preparation for the holidays. I was able to drop 22 pounds since July 29 (but added back 3.5 this past week).

I’ve also gotten back into cooking. I really enjoy cooking and am surprised to find so many ways to cook healthy food and that it’s as delicious as it is. I still remember the diet days of cottage cheese, and carrot and celery sticks. Boring! We’ve come a long way in knowing what is healthy to eat. As much as I love cooking and trying new recipes, I don’t like to do it every day and I do love going out to eat which is challenging.

My middle daughter moved back to the area at the end of August. Now all three of my kids are back nearby! I want my kids to spread their wings and soar with the eagles. But as a mother I miss them when they’re gone and selfishly want them nearby. I also love for them to be close with each other. They come from a divorced home and over the years haven’t always been close. I can see the past year or so that a lot of mending has happened. I am so grateful for that.

That’s all my yearly good news. I am really looking forward to 2014. I know it’s going to be a great year. I look forward to getting even healthier and hopefully helping others along the way. Now to make some 2014 goals.