Challenge Wrap Up

Today concludes our Fall Into Fitness 30 Day Challenge. It’s been so much fun, I’m sorry to see it end. I met some new bloggers and worked hard at being fit and mostly I was inspired by reading other challengers’ posts. This was a great way to spend November in preparation for the holiday season.


I achieved my exercise goal of 15 hours total for the 30 days. I was not able to achieve my weight loss goal of 7 pounds, but am very happy to have lost 4 pounds.

How It Went

4 Pounds Lost

4 Pounds Lost


15 Hours of Exercise

Looking Forward

I started a C25K plan this weekend to keep me active for December. Tomorrow I will plan my dinner meals for the three weeks up to Christmas, then hit the grocery store to stock up. I’m crossing my fingers to lose a couple more pounds before the 24th.

And that’s a wrap!

7 thoughts on “Challenge Wrap Up

  1. Oh my goodness I love how you mapped this all out! I’m so glad that you could participate in the challenge and I’m so thankful to have had you posting your experiences with us. And congrats on the 4 pound weight loss!


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