Happy Feet

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 wide

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 wide

I ordered new shoes and they came today. I’ve been wearing my old shoes too long. They’re very old, but since they haven’t been used much the last few years while I sat on the couch, I let it slide. The old ones were recommended and fitted for me at the fitness store, so I just ordered the same ones online. The manufacturer website also has a walk-through guide to help you select the correct shoes. I did the guide and they recommended the same style I had, which I have been happy with. I then was able to find them on sale at another site.

Today’s workout – Biggest Loser DVD, strength and sculpt session. I’ve been doing this one usually for two times a week. I’m reluctant to do a different routine or DVD because I enjoy seeing each time what I’ve improved in. I’m not bored with it yet. I can do all the exercises too. Today I even got off my knees for the plank some of the time, which was my last hurdle.

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