Weighing In

saltIt’s the time of year I both love and dread. The dreading is because of not enough hours in the day and too much to do and all the yummy, not healthy food. There isn’t much time left for taking care of ourselves. This past week I’ve done pretty well though. I haven’t missed a workout in my c25k plan. I’m so committed to it that I put it ahead of some other important things. Priorities, priorities. I’ve also maintained my weight in the same one pound range, 169.5-170.5.

I stopped tracking the food I ate back on Friday because of crazy eating out. It’s just too much work sometimes trying to figure out the calorie count in some restaurant foods. Yesterday I declared it Cheat Day, but only if I entered all the food I ate in myfitnesspal as a way to get myself back to tracking. It was a good day of some of the comfort foods I’ve been missing like grilled cheese and eggnog and chocolate. And only 2000 calories 😉

Yesterday was strength day on my plan, so I did my Biggest Loser DVD. There’s four routines: 2 cardio and 1 strength and 1 bootcamp. But even the cardio routines involve a lot of strengthening activities, so it doesn’t really matter which I choose for strength day. Usually I only do one routine for about 35 minutes of exercise (with warm up and cool down). Yesterday, to help with my splurge day, I customized the workout and added two routines for a total of 60 minutes of exercise.