I’ve been trying lots of new recipes lately. I look for ones that have healthy ingredients and reasonable calorie counts. Here’s a spinach frittata that I tried for breakfast. I followed the recipe except for using whole eggs instead of egg substitute and adding mushrooms and pancetta. I saw the pancetta in the store and wanted to try it since I’ve never cooked with it before. I also used fresh spinach instead of the frozen and cooked it first. I’m not logging food right now, so I didn’t get it entered into myfitnesspal to get the actual calorie count. I didn’t even check to see how many calories the pancetta added. This breakfast was a big hit with my husband.

Eggs + Spinach + Mushrooms + Cheese

Eggs + Spinach + Mushrooms + Cheese

What I’ve been eating mostly for breakfast, though, is the Pumpkin Yogurt that’s worth a repeat mention. It’s so good. You can use any kind of yogurt and I find equal parts yogurt to pumpkin works well. I will depend on the yogurt and pumpkin you use though, so experiment until you get it the way you like. I do 100 grams each. If your yogurt is already sweetened you don’t need to add any sweetener, but for plain yogurt use any sweetener you prefer. I use 1 T. maple syrup. Add spices that you like such as cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice or nutmeg. Top the concoction with some granola. I like a maple pecan granola bar because maple and pecans go so well with pumpkin. I use half a bar. I’ll be sad to see pumpkin season end.


Yogurt + Pumpkin + Spice + Granola + (sweetener)