Closing out 2013

I have several blog posts written in my head to get this new year going, but I’m having trouble getting some quiet time without interruption to write. My husband is still home for the holidays and won’t return to work until Monday. So I guess we are still in “vacation” mind-set, having fun, eating out. I really need alone time to write. (In this first paragraph, I’ve been interrupted twice!)

(And a third interruption). On New Year’s Day, I did this guided meditation. I found it really helpful as a sort of ceremonious way to let 2013 go (in spite of writing a post three days later on closing out 2013). (Finished writing this paragraph two hours later from the first).

At the beginning of December, I decided to plan the month of dinners to help keep me on track and to simplify the agony of “What’s for dinner?” Let me share with you how that played out over the month:

dec dinners final_sm

I hope you had as much of a laugh over the results as I did. I better stick to planning one week at a time. (I’ve only been interrupted once in this segment 🙂 but now I have to go do my daily exercise in order to be ready to leave the house on time this afternoon for a college basketball game.)

(next day, two workouts later) Another thing I’d like to wrap up for December is my goal of: Eat healthy to not weigh more on Jan 1 than I do now on Dec 3 {172.5 lb}. I did lose weight during December but gained it back over Christmas-time. I weighed in on January 1st at exactly 172.5! Yay, I was so happy to have met my goal! (I didn’t count interruptions this paragraph, although there were several including myself getting up for a snack.)

My 2014 goals are almost done and I should be able to post them soon since my husband is going back to work tomorrow. {smile} And now it’s football time- I’m off to have some more fun before returning to routine tomorrow and getting 2014 started.