Mindful Eating

Source: Mindful Eating – Self Kindness | Kindness Blog.

I’m guilty of not following these practices most of the time. I think the best time to catch up on blog reading is while having a snack. Get two things done at once. But I know better from experience. I eat healthier and lose weight when I put all my attention on what I eat. That includes all the tips in the infographic, plus logging what I eat in a journal (I use myfitnesspal).

Multitasking is considered a good quality, a strength in our culture. Maybe that’s one reason why losing weight is so difficult.

Putting that much thought and emphasis on what we eat also seems too self-focused. Especially for those of us who don’t feel we deserve that much of our own attention. But of course we do. We deserve to be healthy. Even if that means slowing down and being mindful and spending lots of our time and efforts on it. If we’re overweight it’s because we’ve been living a lifestyle that caused that and how else are we going to learn to be healthy if we don’t put effort in to change our lifestyle?