Rough Spot

I’m having a small lack of motivation going on. In the last three days, I skipped two workouts and gained 1.5 pounds. I’m letting personal issues weigh me down and take my focus off something I value highly, my health. For me this could lead to a vicious cycle. When I don’t live my life according to my values, my self-esteem lowers. –> Low self-esteem lowers my motivation. –> And then I am less likely to live according to my values. –> There’s the cycle.

The key for me is to remember what I value and to live accordingly. This morning, I walked on the treadmill for 50 minutes and logged my breakfast. My plan is to log everything I eat today and for the upcoming days. I’m back on track for my fitness plan (couch to 5k) by switching today’s rest day with yesterday’s missed workout.

Rough spot endured and accepted. Focus. Smooth sailing right now. Accepted.

Blurry Proof

Blurry Accountability

4 thoughts on “Rough Spot

  1. Yeah we all go through those times sometimes. Once you get out of the routine it is easy to let it spiral. You just have to get back up and get back into it. Accept what has happened but don’t beat yourself up over it just move past it and do better! You got this!!


    • Thank you, your comments are helpful. I’m great at beating myself up. I’ve been working at accepting I’m not perfect (gasp!) and moving on from setbacks. That’s why I started setting long-term goals. It gives me a focus and something bigger to work towards than the little everyday goals I have. Thanks for the encouraging words.


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