Checking In

I don’t know why I have such a hard time writing posts. But that’s a deep and complicated topic. For now, I’m going to blame it on this depressing weather that leaves me not wanting to do anything. Except read everyone else’s posts. But I figure I better share my progress (or lack of it).

Weighing In

I’ve weighed the same for the last three weeks! I wish the scale was going down, but it’s my own fault for not doing what I know works to lose weight. I have a good few days and the numbers start to go down, then they come back up. I am happy though that I’m not gaining weight. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself because I wanted to lose at a faster-than-planned rate for the next weeks before my vacation. Which totally back-fired!

I also have a husband who is overweight and struggles a bit with what I call gluttony. He will go for thirds or fourths at dinner and sample as he puts the leftovers away and snacks the evening away. It’s a real struggle for him. It helps if I make a light dinner with just a protein and a vegetable. But lately I’ve been trying new recipes (yet to post) and some old favorites. These meals have been more winter comfort foods, higher in fat and carbs than we need. I’m going to blame that on the weather also. Plus the quantity is more than the two of us need and allows for third and fourth helpings. I’m a morning eater not an evening eater, so this is something I have a hard time understanding with him. I also do not enjoy eating so much at one time like that. I enjoy smaller meals.

My husband really loves food. I say that food is his “love language”. He has opportunity to eat out often because of work and by taking his elderly father out (to get him out of the lifeless assisted living home). This is something that has definitely affected my progress because I love to eat out and I get jealous of his eating out! He’ll have some delicious sounding meal and I’ll have some boring, low calorie, uninteresting meal that I had to prepare myself. Here’s where I need to end the pity party and remind myself of why I’m doing this. I want to be healthy and fit and have energy. I don’t want to be overweight, inactive, weak, tired and unhealthy. My husband has his own battles and I have my own.

Working Out

Today’s workout will be a Biggest Loser DVD. Maybe a double session? Ah, these workouts are getting a bit stale too. I’m going to blame that on the weather too… No, I realize I only have myself to blame, not the weather. I read all your posts about how creative you are with facing winter or health issues or injuries. What’s that line? No excuses! I see there are some other bloggers struggling, so let’s get our acts together and back on track. We got this. We can do this.

A warm, bright spot in the cold darkness of winter

A warm, bright spot in the cold, darkness of winter