Last Week’s Goals


A week ago, I resolved to stick to some goals for the week to get more focused and see results on the scale. I did pretty well except for getting to bed early. I didn’t stay up super late, but missed the 9:30 mark. I am fortunate to be able to sleep in if I need to to make up for later bedtimes, but I’m trying to get in a habit of early to bed, early to rise. It just seems healthier (mentally and physically).

It was really hard to drink that much water. I could tell I really needed it though. Also, logging my food was a big help. It kept me near my goal calorie limit. So between eating less and drinking enough water, I did feel much better. Less tummy problems, more energy.

I have to relate a funny story. One day this week I woke up with a headache and felt super tired. The day before, my workout had been hard to do. I thought maybe I was coming down with the flu since my husband had been sick the week before. I worked out anyways and got through it, but it was hard. By noon, I was still feeling tired and head-achy and I thought I would try another cup of coffee to see if that helped. That’s when I realized I had been drinking decaf the last two days. Ugh! The kind of coffee I buy is very difficult to tell the difference between the regular and decaf in the packaging. What a dingbat I am! I guess I learned two things from this: my body really is used to/needing some caffeine and caffeine seems to help give me energy for my workouts. I guess that’s okay for now since I still consider myself a beginner. But, yikes, I didn’t like how difficult it was for me to work out without my morning coffee.

This focus on goals this week definitely helped see the scale go down. Almost every day I was seeing a new lower weight. I was up in weight last Sunday, but nevertheless, this Sunday (a week later) I was down 4.5 pounds from then! Just the motivation I needed. I will keep tracking my water and food intake this upcoming week.

4 thoughts on “Last Week’s Goals

  1. Well done! I can’t imagine going to bed at 9:30 though. At that point I’ve probably only been at home for 2 1/2 hours and an hour of that will be taken up by going to the gym.


    • Thanks. I am lucky to not work and be flexible. But that gets me a little undisciplined. My husband gets up at 5:30 and I’m trying to get on a similar schedule as him.
      Hope your workouts at the gym are going well.


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