Seven Salads


Here they are: the seven salads I ate for dinner last week. So delicious. My favorite was the Saturday baby kale with roasted sweet potato, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds and champagne dressing. The dressing is a bit high in calories, but this salad is great with any dressing you choose.

Salads are so much fun because now we have so many greens available to us to use. The days of iceberg lettuce are ancient history in my house. Even restaurants are serving other greens besides iceberg. My least favorite salad this week was the Thursday taco because I used iceberg (my husband likes iceberg). I like taco salad, but prefer other greens than iceberg.

Greens can be topped with so many different vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, etc. I like olives and pickles too. Long gone are the days of only adding tomato and cucumber. This way salad never gets boring and always tastes different.

Just about any kind of protein can be added to greens, too to make it a complete meal. Besides nuts and seed and beans, there’s also cheeses and meats (if you eat those) and don’t forget eggs. Salad is a great choice if you eat vegan or gluten free.

Probably the least healthy aspect of a salad can be the dressing. Lately my favorite dressing is balsamic vinaigrette and second is low fat sesame ginger. I always use a bottled dressing. I try to look for healthier ingredients (or organic), but that’s tough in a dressing. I haven’t really experimented much with the healthier options of plain olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice, because I have in my mind I won’t like that. But that’s no excuse, I should at least try them to see.

What are your favorite greens?
What do you like to add to the salad?
What’s your favorite dressing?
Do you make your own dressing?

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