New Recipe #3 – Vegetable Fried Rice

I love oriental food. I’ve made fried rice before, but it’s been pretty plain with egg, onion and maybe some peas. More of a traditional fried rice but well seasoned. It’s one of those things that doesn’t really need a recipe. It’s more about putting the components together as you like (and have on hand) and seasoning as you like. This time was no different. I was inspired by this recipe posted by Debby Loves to Cook. What I took away from Debby’s versions (two of them) was that she mentioned using a lot of vegetables as compared to the amount of rice. A far cry from my few onions and peas I usually go with. And a lot healthier. She inspired me to use snow peas, zucchini and cabbage (from a bag of coleslaw). She also mentioned seasoning with sesame seed oil. This is something new I’ve been using and I’m finding the flavor it adds to oriental-type dishes is perfect. It did not disappoint for the fried rice. I had some basmati rice that was expiring and wanted to use up, otherwise I typically use brown rice. I did not measure one single ingredient, except when I prepared the rice the day before.


Vegetable Fried Rice5star_xsm


1-2 scrambled eggs

coconut oil
chopped, shredded or sliced vegetables of all sorts, I used:
carrots, zucchini, onion, cabbage, snow peas

fresh pressed garlic
fresh grated ginger
sesame seed oil
tamari or soy sauce

cooked rice
leftover chopped pork or chicken, if desired


Have the rice cooked ahead. Scramble and fry up the egg(s), chop into small pieces and set aside. Fry up the vegetables in coconut oil over medium to high heat. Stir frequently. When they are half cooked, grate in some fresh ginger. When the vegetables are almost done to your liking, add some rice and the chopped meat. Mix well and cook another minute to heat them through. Add the fresh pressed garlic and scrambled egg. Sprinkle with sesame seed oil and tamari. Mix well for a minute. It’s ready to devour now!


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