Weigh In Wednesday

I broke my record! Four weeks in a row I have weighed the same. If I was in maintenance mode, it would be perfect. Sigh. I think I entered vacation mindset four weeks ago even though vacation doesn’t start until Sunday. I’ll be vacationing for two weeks, so I’m not expecting to lose any weight for awhile. But you never know… I will definitely be trying my best to not gain weight. I plan on returning from vacation refreshed and full of new energy and motivation (because that’s what vacations are meant to do) to continue losing weight and getting stronger and fitter.

march progress

8 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday

  1. Nothing like a vacation to spark motivation and create energy. You did well not to gain, you have a vacation coming up and you’re energized. I’d say things are really looking up for you!


  2. Plateaus are so frustrating! I did a lot of research on them during my weight loss journey, but what I found is that it was more a matter of waiting them out than finding a magic solution . . . I hope you have a wonderful vacation–and I’m with weight2lose, huge kudos on NOT gaining! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment!


    • Thanks! Waiting them out sounds too easy… not like how I normally handle things LOL. I think that’s interesting though, I had never heard that and it’s encouraging.


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