I have been pleasantly surprised with the honor of being named for four awards, all at once! Woo-hoo!

I’ve never been named for an award, this is so awesome. Thank you, Weight2lose2013. So, here they are:

mostinfluentialFirst up is this one. What could be more exciting than thinking my tiny little life might have some influence, that I will leave this world having helped to make it a better place??

sunshineAnd I can’t think of anything I want more right now than Sunshine! When the sun doesn’t shine, I hope I can create some sunshine for myself and others, but it ain’t easy…

awesomeblogcontentNow that is cool to think I have I have awesome stuff to share. I know I’m not the greatest writer, so I have to dig for things of interest, like really cool pictures.

innerpeaceAs for inner peace. I do have a ton of it, but I’m always trying to get more. I get mine from my faith and from accepting who I am. I’m always on the lookout to learn from others about this mystical inner peace we seek.

I must now disclose an alphabetized description of myself. This is gonna be hard!

A – Athlete-wannabe. I don’t need to be a real athlete, I want to FEEL like one
B – Bird-feeder. I really enjoy watching the birds feed at the feeder
C – Copy-cat. If I see an idea I love, I copy it
D – Dreamer
E – Explorer. I like to explore new things and places
F – Faith. It’s very important to me
G – Geek. Yup
H – Healthy. So grateful to be healthy
I – Introspective
J – Jewels. Mostly glass in jewel tones. I like things that are glass-like.
K – Knowledge-seeker
L – Language. I love foreign languages and have studied four, but not recently
M – Mother
N – Nature. It always soothes me
O – Organized, at least mentally
P – Problem-solver
Q – Quiet
R – Random. I prefer random to routine
S – Sensitive (not always a good thing)
T – Thinker
U – Understanding. I try to be
V – Volunteer
W – Water. I love drinking it, swimming in it, listening to the sounds it makes
X – Xtra relieved I made it to X
Y – Yogurt. Yum
Z – Zoo. I love it, goes along with N

Following protocol, I will now pay it forward and tell you some awesome bloggers who inspire me by the lives they lead. I will limit my list to a few of those who blog about weight loss and/or fitness.

My nominations for the 4-in-1 Awards:

Early Bird Fitness

Piper’s Run

Unsporty Women Can Run


No Diet Forever Lifestyle

A BENew Journey

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