Weekend Update

I hope Saturday Night Live doesn’t have a copyright on my title. I can’t help but think of SNL with the term “weekend update”! Anyways…

I managed to get through the weekend without gaining any weight! Yay me! I beat the odds, broke the pattern (once!) I weigh the same today (Monday) as I did Friday. But it was not easy. The whole weekend was a struggle.


Challenge 1. Friday fish fry at a restaurant. Four of us. Three ordered beer battered fish with a potato (one was sweet potato fries, one was potato pancake, one was steak fries). I ordered broiled fish with a salad. While those three talked about how delicious their fish was and how they had some new seasoning sprinkled on the fries, I noticed how fishy mine tasted and how boring the salad was. My fish really did taste fishy and needed lots of lemon squeezed on it. The salad was not really boring, it was delicious. It’s just that I eat so much salad.

I don’t really know how to survive a situation like that without feeling deprived. It would have helped if my meal had tasted better. I know I’m supposed to remember that I’m doing this to get healthy and none of those three seemed to have their health in mind, per our discussions. And two of them are much more overweight than I am. Actually, that really helps me now to think about my goals and there is really only one way to achieve them. That is to eat healthy and exercise. It does seem a bit ridiculous to feel sorry for myself that I can’t live an unhealthy lifestyle. What? No no no. But I do feel sorry for those other two that do not have their health in mind. I can’t make those decisions for them, but I can express my concern and live my life as an example.

Challenge 2. I’m not going to go into a long rant about my Darling’s eating habits. But I will say it is so difficult for me. It was difficult the entire weekend, but here’s an example. When I was hungry on Saturday afternoon, trying to hang in there until dinner, out came a snack of nuts and pretzel nuggets at close proximity to me. Curry pretzels nuggets. I could hear the wonderful crunch and smell the delicious curry. I about lost it, almost ate some. My solution was to get myself a different snack of minimal calories and to move far away. Fortunately I had picked up some new things at a local specialty store to try. I chose this:

14g pumpkin seeds + 10g raisins = 94 calories

14g pumpkin seeds + 10g raisins = 94 calories

The pumpkin seeds were delicious and crunchy. Even though it was only half a serving size, it took a long time to crunch through the whole bunch and it was very satisfying. The raisins added a touch of sweetness and had a good flavor too. Two thumbs up.


I thought my calorie count for the weekend days was kind of high so I’m surprised I didn’t gain any weight. Phew. I did track all food eaten, which I tend to slack on for the weekends (not good). I’m not so pleased with my attitude though. There’s plenty more to work on. I’m glad next weekend is five days away.

Have a great week all!

11 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. It’s tough when people in your home are eating things that you want and can’t have. I deal with my kids eating cheeze-its, pancakes, lucky charms cereal – you name it! But I changed it up a bit and found some great tasting low carb/keto foods. The recipes are up on my blog. Now I have my family members raiding my snacks because they taste better than the processed foods that they used to crave.


    • Thanks Rob, I’ll check the recipes out. That’s just it. Some of those things we crave, don’t really taste all that good. I don’t especially love french fries for example. Funny how it works.


      • When I have cheat days, as rare as they are, I always feel cheated. Isn’t it ironic? The foods that I think that I want leave me empty and disappointed.


          • Exactly, Cynthia. I felt like I could’ve made more progress, but decided that I needed time off of the diet. That’s my pitfall. I can’t have cheat days anymore because I can’t think of it as a diet any more. Once I’m at the point where I don’t eat junk anymore because it’s junk, that’s when I’ll be truly free of those urges.


  2. You did so well to resist. I have zero will power if it’s in front of me. My son came in from school today with a pack of crisps and it looked like a scene from Matrix as he tried to stop me grabbing one, I swear he bent backwards almost horizontal.

    I know this sounds crazy because other overweight people and those who have beat it are my inspiration an strength on my blog, but I try to avoid them in real life unless they are on the same path of course. Because there is nobody worse than a non dieting overweight friend to try to tempt you and I don’t know if it’s just because they know how hard it is and think you need a break or because they don’t want you to succeed because then it makes them feel worse about themselves.

    I don’t believe any overweight person genuinely would not take a wish from a fairy if she offered to wave a wand and make them slim and even those who say they are happy, and they probably are, not being defined by their size, but nevertheless would still like to lose weight. I also don’t know any overweight person who wouldn’t feel a pang of envy when they wee someone doing what they can’t do. I’ve been there, I’ve been one of them. I’ve never purposefully jeopardised anyone’s diet but I’ve maybe not been as supportive as I might have been or as interested in what they were doing.

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    • Thank you so much for these encouraging words. It really is a tough journey. I’ve been on the other side too of not being as supportive as I could be. It is really helpful for me to have the support of other bloggers since I don’t have much otherwise. In the end I’m the one who has to make the choices and change my behaviors. It is hard and I know it’s just as hard for everyone. Wouldn’t that be nice to have a fairy with a magic wand! I would’ve loved to have seen the Matrix move your son made!


  3. You definitely should be congratulated on your non weight gain. That’s quite impressive, actually. I am certain that if I were with my partner I would not have lost the weight I have lost. I’ve been “lucky” in that regard, only thinking of what I want to eat, more or less. p.s. that salmon recipe today looks outrageously good. It’s time to break out the grill.


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