Kim at alwaysthinkingimfat has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thank you Kim. If you don’t follow Kim, check out her blog where she writes about her weight loss journey and shares inspiring heartfelt stories about living life. Kim has come to feel blogging is a part of her life. Thank you, Kim, for blogging!

In honor of this award, here are 7 things about myself that I would like to share.

  1. My favorite color is blue. I love other colors too, but I will always gravitate back to blue. I find it soothing and relaxing. But I do not decorate with blue because I am afraid of desensitizing myself to it and I do prefer other colors for decorating.
  2. I lived in Europe once in my life, many, many years ago. Holland.
  3. I can’t dance very well 😦 But that doesn’t stop me from trying.
  4. Since I was young, when I’m sad, I always feel better when I look out a window.
  5. I love black jelly beans. Love! Six of them will cure any sweet-craving I have.
  6. I won’t eat anchovies (but just about anything else!)
  7. I’m one of the people that can curl their tongues.

I would like to nominate these bloggers as being Very Inspiring. They inspire me every day to live healthier and happier. I tried to pick a few who maybe haven’t already been nominated since this award has gotten around a lot (all the blogs I follow are inspiring!)

Anna at Piper’s Run

Abbi at Where the Wild Things Are

C. at No diet forever lifestyle

movingliquid at Moving Liquid

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Day 1: Saturday

kittfaceCan you believe this sweetheart TRIPPED me? {I hope no one notices my Hello Kitty lounge pants.} Saturday, I decided to venture out into the neighborhood and test my hip to see if it had healed enough to run. I brought along my best bud because he loves to walk and run with me. I walked fast for half a mile, then tried running. I don’t know what happened but I hadn’t gone very far when SPLAT! I just wasn’t paying attention and also holding Kitt’s leash too short. I tripped on him and fell mostly on my hands and knees. Scrapes and bruises. Good news, nothing broken and phone was unscathed (can you imagine?). There was no one around, so I didn’t feel a need to be embarrassed.

I threw in the towel and went home. I even ran on the way home, so I knew I was ok. I had a good few minutes cry with hugs from Darling and then I sat on the couch with some ice packs and watched the Kentucky Derby. The swelling came down after awhile on my palms and I could semi-use my hands again.

Day 2: yesterday

I set the alarm for 5 am because I was determined to get out for a walk/run before church. Determined! I woke up with a lot of stiffness through my neck, upper back and lower back. Around 1.5 miles, my hip started to hurt. I decided not to do a whole 3 miles that I was hoping for and turned around ending up with 2.5 miles. I had to walk a lot on the way back. But I’m hopeful that the hip is healing. I’ll just continue to be kind to it.

As the day progressed I did more yard work. It was a beautiful day out! (We haven’t had many nice days here yet this spring). Here I noticed my left shoulder is pretty sore and my right tricep is pretty sore. I’m sure it’s from bearing all my weight in the fall.

Day 3: today

In the middle of the night my left elbow hurt really bad. I don’t know if I slept funny or if it’s more injury. Yikes. I feel like I’m falling apart.

I did this awesome 5 minute morning routine from Staci before my shower. It was very invigorating and I thought it was the perfect way to start a Monday morning. As a side bonus, I’ll save on hot water. I hate to be cold in the shower so I usually turn the water pretty hot. Not today! I was all warmed up from my 5 minutes of exercise. And 5 minutes is so easy to squeeze in to get your metabolism revved. Give it a try.

I’m way behind on blog reading, but that will be later. I’m off to the dentist now for a cleaning. Happy Monday everyone!

Have you ever tripped while running?

Were you embarrassed?

What injuries did you get? Were they serious?